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The Apocalypse Virus Meteorite is the meteorite that carried the Apocalypse Virus and triggered the events in the story.


In 2022, the rock fell on Oshima where Mana Ouma found it. She later told her father who found it with his friend. They discovered that the meteorite had the Apocalypse Virus in it but both Mana and her mother were infected. Both Kurosu and Shuichiro then dedicated their lives into researching the virus to find a cure and the possible uses of the Apocalypse Virus. It was kept in Kurosu's lab until Episode 8.


In Episode 8, Gai had Shu organize a trip to the beach of his club to get Souta Tamadate to Oshima so Shu could use Souta's void to open Kurosu's lab. But they were too late as Shuichiro used Kurosu's key to unlock the lab and steal the meteorite. He was later found out by GHQ and was imprisoned and had the meteorite confiscated. The commander of GHQ planned to return to the United States with the rock but before he could, the Antibodies led a take over by activating the rock and subsequently causing a second Lost Christmas. The Apocalypse Virus Meteorite was later used by Shuichiro to make a pair of rings for him and Inori Yuzuriha so he could act as the next Adam but the rings were later destroyed by Shu Ouma.


The Apocalypse Virus Meteorite housed the Apocalypse Virus and could infect others with the virus over a long distance. It is still unknown how the Apocalypse Virus was transferred to Mana and how its infection was passed along, although as demonstrated by Mana, the meteorite could infect others by the Genomic Resonance which could only be activated by a certain song; Inori's song has the ability to cancel the activation and negate the effects of the Genomic Resonance while Mana's song can trigger the Genomic Resonance which could crystallize nearby surroundings and the effect radius can be expanded by using a certain device.


  • Due to the Apocalypse Virus Meteorite's abilities, many countries desired it and Major General Yan stated that him handing the rock over to the United States could make him the president.

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