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Arisa Kuhouin (供奉院 亞里沙, Kuhōin Arisa) is one of the main supporting characters of Guilty Crown. She was the student body president of the school and a member of the Kuhouin Group, which is now allied with the Undertakers.


Arisa's full body

Arisa is a beautiful girl with mid-back length blonde hair and reddish-brown eyes.

She usually wears her school uniform.


Arisa is a very fastidious and virtuous girl by nature who seems to take pride in being the student body president and helps her fellow students, punishing anyone who is disrespectful and breaking the rules. She has apparently taken an interest in Shu Ouma as well. She has feelings for Gai Tsutsugami that she is willing to prove herself useful to him. She is, in reality, a very weak-minded and unconfident person who relies on others stronger than her to shelter her. Because of that, Arisa is very easily manipulated by those that she thinks can protect her. This makes her constantly trying to prove herself useful to them, evidently when she, after betraying Shu, asks Gai "...have I been useful".


Arisa slaps the boy in the face

Arisa is first seen slapping a boy in the face for mentioning rumors that Shu Ouma was a criminal. She then helps Shu get out of a crowd of people who are asking him questions about what the GHQ are like and when he thanks her, she says it's just natural that she'll do that (as her responsibility as council president).

She is seen taking a bath while remembering what her grandfather said about their family's plans earlier. Later, she notices Shu at a party on a ship (which were only meant for former GHQ members or allies) and meets Gai Tsutsugami for the first time. Gai begins to swoon Arisa with his charm (even earning him a blush) and they eventually separate. She goes unto the deck, only to be followed closely

Shu removes Arisa's Void

by Gai. He tells her to close her eyes and open them again on the count of three. When she does this, Shu appears before her and pulls out her Void. After, she wakes up in a room with Gai and he pats her on the head, telling her she "sucked at making people spoil her." She does not provide much more significance in the plot until much later on.

When the lockdown happens, Arisa assumes her authority over the student body in an attempt to calm everyone and setting up shelter. She promises that her grandfather will come to rescue her and everyone. However, as the waiting period drags on, the student body gradually loses confidence in Arisa's leadership. The student believes that Shu is a more suitable leader since he has the power to protect them from Anti-Bodies, and votes Arisa out. Her mentality deteriorates rapidly as nobody treats her with the same respect as before. Arisa witnesses Hare Menjou died from having her void destroyed and tries to warn others, only to be attacked by Inori Yuzuriha who was under Mana's control at the time. Traumatized and scared, she contacts Gai and is prompted to overthrow Shu who have become ruthless in his rule. Arisa allows Hirohide Nanba to take her virginity, in return for spreading the rumor about the danger of Void. In the ensuing fight in Episode 17, she rebels against Shu's diabolical rule and looks on coldly as Gai cuts off Shu's arm and takes the Power Of Kings. She then joins Gai and returns with Anti-Bodies. She kills her own grandfather by accident when he was willing to clear his name by killing her with his own hands. Later on, Arisa is secretly approached by Shu who reveals that Gai's true intention lies elsewhere and asks for her help to rescue Inori. Shu soon leaves her to go defend his friends. Arisa returns to Gai's side and gives him her void to stop the U.N forces willingly. Gai leaves Arisa and his group of followers, letting them to defend against the U.N forces by themselves. As Shu absorbs all the Voids in the world, Arisa's Void shield disappears in the midst of battle and she is shot down.

At the end of the battle, Arisa is seen among the survivors outside the now crumbled GHQ Headquarters, realizing they were all been deceived and manipulated by Gai.


Arisa's Void

Arisa's Void is call the Coward's Shield, a small ball-like object, which opens up and acts as a very strong shield. It was able to destroy a countless number of missiles, blasting them into smithereens

The void gets its name from the fact that like it's purpose, protects the Arisa's weak self. This is confirmed as Gai Tsutsugami states "The cowards shield that armors the weak self inside" as he holds Arisa whose unconscious after Shu Ouma draws out her void to protect the ship from incoming dragoon missiles.


  • The name Arisa means "rank, follow" (亞) (a), "village" (里) (ri) and "" (沙) (sa).
  • Arisa's surname Kuhouin means "accompanying, being in attendance on" (供奉) (kuhou) and "hospital" (院) (in).



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