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Carol was Scrooge's partner. Another one of GHQ's test subjects until she escaped with Scrooge. Carol is the only character shown to house a variety of Voids. Every time Scrooge draws out her Void, it manifests itself as a different weapon. Carol is also impervious to Scrooge's imperfect Power of Kings' drawbacks, meaning she actually survives having her Void drawn by him instead of immediately succumbing to the Apocalypse Virus.


She is said to be a beautiful girl with a "strange mood."


Carol is a young woman with short blue hair and orange eyes. She wears a white and brown cloak with a black skirt and leggings. She wears short black boots and a white hat on her head.

Overall, Carol's facial structures and clothing underneath bears a resemblance to Inori.



In one of the trailers for Guilty Crown: Lost Xmas, Carol was referred to as the "Lost Eve".


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