Dan Eagleman, is an American GHQ Colonel and a former Football coach.


He is an upbeat man who gives pep talks to his subordinates. He's also very irresponsible and tends to work with low if any efficiency, using a vast amount of resources for rather simple tasks, or use resources in the most absurd way possible, such as turning Anti-Air Missile Vehicles sideways so they can be launched straight rather than upwards. Kuhouin. A very chivalrous man who believes in fighting for the good of man kind. He gives his subordinates nicknames, calling Makoto "Scar Face." He insists on everyone calling him Dan to get more "friendly" with them. Also always carries out his tasks with GUTS.


During episode 7, he was given the task of taking out a ship owned by the Kuhouin Group. Rather than using more conventional means, he turned anti-aircraft vehicles loaded with dragoon missiles sideways so they could be fired straight. The missiles were deflected by Shu with the Coward's Shield. During Shuichiro's coup d'état, he was crystallized, but sacrificed himself to give Shu's mother time to escape. He was shot in the stomach by Segai.                                                                                                                                                                                            

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