Daryl Yan is a 17 year old Juvenile Officer who belongs to the GHQ and holds the rank of lieutenant, nicknamed "Kill 'Em All Daryl". He is the commander of the GHQ and his father is Major General.


He seems to have two different sides to his personality. The first side is adventurous and playful while the second is sadistic and cruel with narcissistic behavior. He is also seen to be a Mysophobian, since he hates being touched by others in belief that they are infected.


He is a young man with short blonde hair covering parts of his face and purple eyes.


Daryl destroys Ayase's mecha
Daryl is first seen coming to join in the fight that was taking place. He soon finds Ayase and quite easily destroys her mecha and nearly kills her, commenting that he was disappointed because he couldn't hear her screaming and drives off. He is later seen paying a visit to Major Guin's moble cockpit and explains that he intended to bring a new modle Endlave to the operation's center but heard a battle had started so he went to check it out. Guin says that he'll
Daryl pissed off

"I'll do as I please."

be happy to help and reaches out his hand. This resulted in Daryl getting pissed off, asking if he expected him to touch that "fatty flesh". Daryl says he'll do whatever he pleases and walks away, saying that if they got in his way he would tell his father. He is seen sometime after, saying that looking at the hostages was a heartrending sight and that it made his heart quiver (sarcastically of course) with a flower in hand. Then a woman made the wrong

Daryl' rage

choice of mistaking him for an officer and asks him to spare her husband, grabbing onto him. Disgusted on being touched, Daryl angrily repeatedly kicked the woman in the face saying that she would infect him, calling her disgusting. The woman's child is heard calling out to her and Daryl tells the

Daryl as his Void is pulled out of him

woman (who is now wimpering softly while holding her bleeding face) that she didn't need to be so annoying because she gave birth to him. He then points a gun at her and fires along with some other soldiers killing some of the hostages. After the Undertakers attack, Daryl is shown excited about it and goes to start his mecha and is shocked that he was ordered to hold off the attack. Soon, Shu pulls out Daryl's Void from his body when

Daryl ready to get back into action

Shu catches him off guard. Later, an unconsious Daryl is seen being pulled out of his mecha by a GHQ member. After being discharged from the hospital, Daryl wastes no time to get back into action and wants revenge. He first meets up with Ayase, who stole his Steiner. He is pissed off at her and begins to choke her

Gai defeats Daryl

before she is saved by Oogumo. Segai switches Daryl's Void with his so that Daryl could stop Gai and Shu from stopping the Leukocyte. However, he looses control and hits the core of the Leukocyte before he is defeated by Gai.
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