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The episode starts with Inori Yuzuriha escaping the "GHQ" building, with the mission of stealing Void Genome. But she ended up being hurt from then Endlave, who were trying retrieve the Void Genome. Ayase Shinomiya helped trying to protect Inori, but she ended up falling in a river due to an explosion caused by the missiles of the "GHQ" Endlave. During the morning, Inori found shelter at Shu's warehouse studio.

Shu Ouma is a 17-year-old teen with poor social skills, living in Japan under the strict rule of the government organization GHQ in the wake of the Apocalypse Virus incident which occurred ten years ago. At his warehouse studio, he encounters Inori, the lead singer of the Internet band, "EGOIST", who is recovering from her wounds after stealing a formula called Void Genome from the "GHQ".

After Shu tends to her wounds and feeds her, Inori is captured by the "GHQ" Anti Bodies division led by Major Guin, and Shu is powerless to stop them. To make amends, Shu brings the Void Genome to Inori's boss, the leader of the resistance group "Funeral Parlor" at Roppongi. However, Major Guin orders the Anti Bodies to exterminate the residents of Roppongi in order to find the Void Genome.

As the members of "Funeral Parlor" and "GHQ" battle, Shu rescues Inori, protecting her when a "GHQ" Endlave mech tries to attack them. The attack breaks the test tube holding the Void Genome, giving Shu the "Power of Kings"; he pulls out Inori's Void, a large sword, and destroys the Endlave.