Shu is brought to Funeral Parlor Headquarters at Roppongi Fort, where Gai plans to hold a trial for Shu before he can officially join this resistant group. While preparing to lead a mission to take over the "Leukocyte", Gai assigns Ayase to instruct Shu in training him for the trial. Ayase holds onto his pen, unaware that it is a transmitter, using this as motivation. After a day of hard training with members Argo Tsukishima and Oogumo, Shu encounters Inori, realizing that Gai was the one who told her to convince him to join Funeral Parlor. After Inori enter Gai's room, a dejected Shu bumps into Ayase, who consoles and reinvigorates him for his trial. Unknown to them, however, Inori is actually giving Gai a blood transfusion. On the day of trial, Shu has a mock battle with Ayase, where the goal is to get past and into the vehicle placed behind her Endlave Steiner. After going to Argo to extract and use his Void, in the form of a flashlight that temporarily brings out blinding darkness, Shu manages to succeed the task and receives his pen back as his reward for passing the trial. Tsugumi gives the members a troubling report that Gai, who earlier led a team to intercept the arrival of mercenaries at an airport and confiscate their supplies, was attacked by the Leukocyte, an orbital satellite laser.

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