Although Gai survives the attack, both his team and the mercenaries were killed by the Leukocyte blast. At the outskirts of Tsukigase Dam, Gai briefs Funeral Parlor that their next mission is to attack the dam where the Leukocyte control system is located, but Shu rejects this plan due to the percentage of members who might die. Meanwhile at Tsukigase Dam, Segai informs Keido that his men are prepared for Funeral Parlor's attack. As Gai gets another blood transfusion in a room alone, he feels burdened for the lives sacrificed during the Leukocyte incident. After eavesdropping on this, Shu has a brief exchange with Gai, but eventually agrees with the plan, understanding that Gai knows how much the lives sacrificed are worth to him. During the operation, Funeral Parlor distracts GHQ from guarding the dam, allowing Shu, Inori, Gai and Kenji to infiltrate the Leukocyte control system. As Shu hacks the control system using Kenji's Void, Segai sends Daryl to get Shu, but Gai defeats Daryl. However, Daryl damages the control system, causing Leukocyte I to malfunction and descend into Tokyo. As Segai shows up, Gai makes a deal with him to use the pen, which Gai was aware that it was a transmitter, in order to use Leukocyte III to destroy Leukocyte I, in exchange for Segai to delete all of Shu's data in relation to Funeral Parlor. While Gai prepares to line up the transmitter with the two Leukocyte satellites, Shu's wish to act upon this heeds Inori to fuse her Void with that of Kenji, creating a powerful laser weapon, which he uses to destroy both satellites just as their paths intersect. With the operation over, Shu finally accepts Gai's offer and joins Funeral Parlor.

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