Shu returns to school, but deals with the rumors that have spread due to his absence. Luckily, the student council president Arisa Kuhouin fabricates a story for his apprehension to stop the rumors, but he has not heard any word about Yahiro since his capture. After school, Shu's stepmother Haruka Ouma returns home and welcomes Inori without much question. Meanwhile, Gai initiates a plan to acquire a new supply route for Funeral Parlor. The following night, Arisa and her grandfather, Okina Kuhouin, the head of a conglomerate called the Kuhouin Group, attend a party on a cruise ship whilst GHQ Colonel Dan Eagleman briefs Daryl, Segai and GHQ Intel Officer Rowan in using missiles to attack the ship, following intelligence that Okina plans to make a business deal with an international party outside Japan. As the operation begins, Shu and Gai sneak on board the ship dressed as guests. When Shu runs into Arisa, Gai distracts her while Shu receives information from Tsugumi regarding Eagleman's plan. To save the ship and its passengers, Gai tricks Arisa into coming to the upper deck, where Shu extracts her Void, in the form of a ball that projects a huge disc shield, and uses it to defend from the onslaught of missiles. Okina, after witnessing this operation, agrees to have the Kuhouin Group form a partnership with Funeral Parlor for their new supply route when contacting Shibungi, one of the members. Before leaving the ship, Gai tells Arisa that despite her toughened exterior, she is shy to the doting of others. As Shu and Inori leave for school the next day, Shu admits that for the first time he is glad for the power he possesses.

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