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Before being tracked by Segai, Yahiro manages to escape with his younger brother Jun Samukawa after taking refuge at an orphanage. After school, Kanon makes an excuse to leave the classroom to give Hare the opportunity to go shopping alone with Shu when he arrives in the classroom. However, Hare's moment to confess to Shu on the train is inadvertently interrupted when Yahiro bursts in carrying drugs. After Shu parts with Hare, Yahiro takes him to see Jun, explaining that they went into hiding after the incident at the isolation ward, so Shu calls Ayase to arrange a transport in resolve to help Yahiro escape with Jun. However, GHQ tracked down Yahiro, and Segai and Daryl commence an operation to eliminate Jun, prompting Shu to forcibly extract Yahiro's Void. Daryl uses his Endlave to attack Shu, equipped a new weapon designed to target Voids, but Jun is targeted instead when he stands up, causing the virus to migrate into the Endlave. As it malfunctions, the Endlave proceeds to attack Yahiro, and as Shu stabs it with Yahiro's Void, he enters Jun's memories of the events before and during the Lost Christmas incident with Yahiro. Jun, saying that the virus enabled him to see Voids and the darkness of people's hearts including that of Yahiro, begs Shu to use Yahiro's Void to sever his life thread while he still has fond memories of Yahiro, which Shu reluctantly does so in order to save Yahiro's life. As Yahiro awakens, he is horrified when Shu admits to having killed Jun.