Shu's recurring traumatic hallucinations cost Funeral Parlor a mission to stop a convoy. Due to these panic attacks, Gai and Ayase tell Shu not to be involved with Funeral Parlor anymore. Meanwhile, Major General Yan, after putting Keido under house arrest for stealing the Apocalypse Virus meteorite, plans to have it transported overseas, but Funeral Parlor stages an operation to attack the transport plane and retrieve it. However, the transport plane is found to be unmanned, and Funeral Parlor falls into a trap set by Segai. After school, Hare slaps a depressed Shu when he confesses to her, because she feels as if she is being replaced by Inori, while also admitting that she witnessed him drawing out Yahiro's Void to destroy the infected Endlave. Segai, who previously had the Anti-Bodies vaccinate themselves, activates a genetic resonance broadcast at Tokyo Tower, causing the meteorite to spread the Apocalypse Virus all over Tokyo. With both GHQ and Funeral Parlor in disarray due to the virus, the Anti-Bodies attack both of them, in which Rowan rescues Keido from his confinement and takes Haruka prisoner. Finally, Keido watches the chaos from GHQ Headquarters, declaring he will finish what he started ten years ago.

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