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Resonance:Resonance is the eleventh episode of the Guilty Crown anime. It first aired on December 23, 2011.


With the virus spreading over Tokyo, Daryl kills his father General Yan and his staff upon learning about his affair with his secretary. With the GHQ upper echelons dead, Shuichiro announces he is taking over GHQ and blames General Yan's death and the Apocalypse outbreak on the Undertakers.

Shu, upon learning of the outbreak and a call from Tsugumi, finally regains himself and reveals to Hare, Souta, Yahiro, Kanon, and Arisa about his connection with the Undertakers, Voids and ask them for help to save Inori and the Undertakers which they all agree. Meanwhile at the airport, Haruka manages to escape from the Anti Bodies thanks to Eagleman's sacrifice and encounters Inori and Gai, the latter infected with the Apocalypse virus, and works with them to stop the outbreak.

Elsewhere, Shuichiro and Segai heads to Roppongi Fort with the meteorite to a hidden facility inside the base to start the next stage of their plans. Haruka manages to build an resonance broadcaster and Inori sings her song through it which stops the outbreak and cures the infected. At the same time, Shu and his friends breakthrough the airport barricade and defeat the GHQ and Anti Bodies forces by using his friends Voids.

As Shu finally reaches Inori, the blond youngster suddenly teleports at Inori, kidnaps her, takes out her Void sword and tries to kill Shu only for Gai protecting him and taking the hit. As Shu holds onto Gai's body, the outbreak continues and crystallizes GHQ Headquarters.

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