As the Apocalypse Virus continues spreading over Tokyo, Daryl kills his father General Yan and subordinates upon learning about General Yan's affair with his secretary Emily. Keido announces taking over command of GHQ, in which the cause of the virus outbreak is falsely reported on the news to be started by Funeral Parlor. Shu, learning about this from Tsugumi, contacts Yahiro, Souta, Hare, Kanon and Arisa to ask them for their assistance to save Funeral Parlor after revealing to them his power of drawing out their Voids. Meanwhile at the airport, Haruka manages to escape from the Anti-Bodies thanks to Eagleman's sacrifice, and encounters Inori and Gai, the latter infected with the Apocalypse Virus, and works with them to stop the outbreak. Keido and Segai head to Roppongi Fort with the meteorite to a hidden facility inside the base to start the next stage of their plans. Haruka manages to program a resonance broadcaster out of a radio tower, allowing Inori to sing her Egoist song through it to stop the outbreak and cure the infected. At the same time, Shu and his friends breakthrough the airport barricade and defeat the GHQ forces by using his friends' Voids, much to the relief of the other Funeral Parlor members. As Shu finally reaches Inori, a mysterious blond boy, later recognized as Yu, suddenly teleports behind Inori and extracts her Void to kill Shu, only for Gai to protect Shu from injury. As the outbreak resumes, virus crystals throughout Tokyo spiral into the air and form a crystal tower.

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