Episode 13


Two weeks since the outbreak, GHQ has initiated a quarantine in the infected region called Loop 7, cutting off all forms of telecommunication within the area. Tennouzu High School is now being used as a shelter for young refugees. Tsugumi and Ayase decide to stay at the school with Shu and Inori, assuming Funeral Parlor is disbanded. Souta suggests to Shu, Yahiro, Souta, Hare, Kanon and Arisa to hold a school festival to create a relaxing environment for the refugees. Shu later shows Yahiro that his power has evolved, which enables him to extract Voids from people without rendering them unconscious. Meanwhile, Segai, now taking over the Anti-Bodies, sends Daryl undercover to spy at the school. As the students prepare and run the festival, a group of disgruntled refugees prepare to attack the school with a Humvee and an Endlave provided by Segai. As the disgruntled refugees attack, Shu tries to bring Ayase to safety, but she scolds him for treating her with pity due to her inability to walk. Shu helps Ayase by extracting her Void, a pair of leg braces that allow her to rapidly skate over ground, jump with incredible power and even fly, allowing the both of them to defeat the disgruntled refugees. Once Shu lands the finishing blow, they stand back to back, with the whole school watching. Soon after, while Inori is singing, a television signal broadcasts Keido, revealed to still be alive and now in command of the Japanese provincial government, announcing that Loop 7 will be sealed off for the next ten years.

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