During a student assembly concerning the lockdown, two male students named Takaomi Sudou and Hirohide Nanba are distrusting of Arisa being the student council president, suggesting to elect a new student council president in her place. Tsugumi, insensitive at the student council's opinion against this suggestion, later talks with Inori and reveals that she has been orphaned since childhood. As the student council discovers a Genome Resonance Gauge that allows them to measure the power of a person's Void, Segai enacts Keido’s plan to exterminate the civilians inside Loop 7 by Endlaves operated by a "Ghost Unit". Segai allows the news of the slaughters to spread, causing distress and panic as part of his demagogy strategy. The next day, trouble arises on campus as the result of an internet rumor saying that they will be granted freedom once they turn in a member of Funeral Parlor to GHQ. When Arisa attempts to restore order to the panicking student body, Hirohide and Takaomi accuse Tsugumi and Ayase of being members of Funeral Parlor. However, Shu arrives and reveals his affiliation with Funeral Parlor to stop them from harming Tsugumi and Ayase and prove that the rumor is false, using Tsugumi's Void, a wand that can create holographic projections of people. The doubles of Shu, Tsugumi, Ayase and Takaomi are created and sent to the barricade, only to be shot down by Daryl and the Anti-Bodies. As Funell sends a live feed of the scene to the crowd, Shu advises them not to trust GHQ to survive together. Yahiro convinces the students to elect Shu as their new student council president. Yahiro then gives Shu a list containing the power of each student’s Void as ascertained by the Genome Resonance Gauge suggests they prioritize those with powerful Voids.

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