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Confession:Sacrifice is the fifteenth episode of the Guilty Crown anime. It first aired on February 2, 2012.


The students of Tennouzu work together to improve their environment by making use of their voids provided by Shu. However, the situation starts to deteriorate as the blockade draws closer and the supply of vaccines starts running low. Rumors about Yahiro's plan to prioritize the survival of those with stronger Voids with a Void Ranking system create turmoil among the students, despite Shu being opposed to the idea.

Meanwhile Hare is encouraged by Tsugumi to confess her feeling to him, but at the sight of a troubled Shu who is questioning his leadership, she refrains herself and comforts him instead, telling he is a kind "King". Later, Shu is approached by Souta and other students with weaker voids who are afraid of being left behind and asks him to let them use their voids for training. Shu complies, but learns that they left the school to look for supplies instead and he rushes to help them with his friends.

The group is attacked by Daryl and his forces and both Hare and Shu end up seriously injured. Hare uses her void to heal Shu first but it is broken by an helicopter shot before she is able to heal her own wounds and Shu wakes up just to find her lying dead beside him. An enraged Shu draws Inori's void by force and destroys Daryl's forces with ease. Blaming Souta for Hare's death, Shu vents his rage by beating him and declares that he will implant the Void Ranking system and become an ruthless king, something Hare didn't want him to become.

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