Argo is airdropped into Loop 7 as part of his mission to rescue Arisa for Okina, who plans to negotiate a peace treaty with the head of a conglomerate called the Ming Hua Group in exchange for arranging a marriage with Arisa. As Argo explores the area, he witnesses Hirohide and Takaomi attacking two other students for vaccines. However, two female students named Ritsu Takarada and Miyabi Herikawa recognize Argo as a member of Funeral Parlor and take him to see Shu, but Argo is shocked to see how much Shu has changed. While the high ranked students are a part of his Secret Service to enforce his rule and maintain order, the low ranked students are forced to repair an abandoned battleship in exchange for being vaccinated. Argo, refusing to swear loyalty to Shu, is locked up in a jail cell, where Tsugumi explains to Argo that the students accept Shu as their leader without challenge in desperate need of survival. Argo later escapes from his jail cell to find Arisa, who is also locating him as well. Shu sends Inori, Yahiro and the Secret Service to search for Argo, eventually finding him in the school stadium to confront him. This is interrupted when steel beams fall overhead and Shu tries to push a female student of the Secret Service to safety, but her Void is destroyed, causing her to be infected with and killed by the virus. Shu, now learning that a Void user will die if their Void is destroyed, realizes that Yahiro lied to him of how Hare died, but Yahiro justifies this to assure that Shu would implement the ranking system. Argo tries to bring Shu back to his senses, but Shu forcefully pulls out Argo's Void, pondering on whether he should destroy it. Arisa, who witnessed everything, tries to warn everyone of the truth about Voids using the broadcast room, but she is stopped by Inori, who gives a maniacal glee before attacking her. With the rescue mission a failure, the head of the Ming Hua Group cancels his help, but advises Okina to leave Japan as a large naval fleet is on its way. Meanwhile at GHQ Headquarters, Keido and Haruka resurrect Gai.

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