Shu continues his ruthless behavior, which brings some concern to Yahiro, but Shu chooses to act this way to avenge Hare's death. Arisa, traumatized after being attacked by Inori, is contacted by an unknown individual, who convinces her to turn the students against Shu. Arisa seduces Hirohide and convinces him to have Takaomi secretly spread the resentful rumor to the students regarding their impending deaths from the potential destruction of their Voids, something Shu neglected to mention. Yahiro, after speaking with Arisa, goes to tell Shu that Inori should be punished for being the one who attacked Arisa. However, Shu views Yahiro as a hypocrite and exiles him from the Secret Service. Later, the students later commence Operation Exodus, attacking the Ghost Unit Endlaves guarding Tokyo Tower, while Shu manages to reach Tokyo Tower and blow up its supercomputer, deactivating the Endlaves and causing the tower to fall into the barricade. As the students escape through the barricade, Arisa and the students turn on Shu. However, a GHQ Endlave unit led by Gai attacks them, in which Gai cuts off Shu's arm and takes the Void Genome onto himself, leaving Shu in agonizing pain. At the United Nations Headquarters, the world leaders learn that Keido has covered up the true events taking place in Japan. With GHQ unable to be trusted, the majority of the United Nations vote to destroy Japan to stop the virus.

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