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==Characters in Order of Appearance==
==Characters in Order of Appearance==
*[[Shu Ouma]]
*[[Inori Yuzuriha]]

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Revolution:Exodus is the seventeenth episode of the Guilty Crown anime. It first aired on February 17, 2012.


The Red Line closes more and more which causes fear amongst the students, with Shu keeping them at bay with an even more ruthless tyrany. Yahiro warns him that being so ruthless can be harmful to Shu, but he insists that he must keep them disciplined or deaths like Hare will occur again. Arisa is given phone by an unknown contact and she gives intel on Tennouzu before being discovered by a Secret Services agent, with whom she strikes a deal (engaging in prostitution in the process), she then secretly spreads intel to the whole school that whoever has its Void destroyed die and that Shu keeps this info in secret, creating greater resentment towards Shu.

Yahiro confronts Arisa about this and she tells him it was Inori who attacked her. Shu is tormented by his tyrany and Hare's death as Inori comforts him and confesses she was the who attacked Arisa unwillingly. Yahiro reveals this as well, and when he wants her to be punished to set an example Shu blatantly refuses and tells Yahiro he cannot be trusted. The school is ready to attack the Tokyo Tower which controls the computer-controlled Ghost Endlave Unit, and Shu orders the students to clear a path for him so he destroys the Tower, not knowing that Arisa is conspiring against him with the whole school backing her up.

The operation is successful with many deaths. Finally while crossing over the Red Line, the students turn against Shu claiming that he has outlived his usefulness and demand him to fend for himself, Ayase and Inori are against this but Tsugumi and Argo approve it. Cornered Shu is thrown into a crater by Souta, who has advanced infection, while reluctantly saying to himself what he did was right.

Shu is shunned down by the students who shout their hatred of him for using them as tools, Inori rushes at his side but is impaled by a Void Blade, thrown by a resurrected Gai, whom Arisa mysteriously expected. Gai jumps towards Shu, greets him then quickly slashes his right hand and takes his Power of Kings to himself. Shu is in pain and shocked by this, while Gai proclaims he was never a king just an usurper and that he (Gai) was the true king.

The United Nations decide to vote on what do with Japan as it is too unstable, and by a massive majority it is decided that Japan is to be destroyed, sending air forces to bombard the country.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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