A United Nations stealth bomber attempts to bomb the students, but Gai extracts Voids from Hirohide, Takaomi and Ritsu as sacrifices to destroy the plane. After Gai kills a maddened Miyabi by destroying her Void, Gai orders Ayase, Tsugumi and Argo to join him or die, but Daryl intervenes and blames Gai for making him kill his father. In the confusion of Daryl's insubordination, Inori escapes with Shu, while Ayase, Tsugumi and Argo escape on their own and Arisa defends Gai before escaping as well to join the Anti-Bodies. The United Nations naval fleet sent to destroy Japan are obliterated by a Leukocyte blast operated by Kenji, where Gai tells the United Nations to not interfere in their operations or he will activate the 256 Leukocyte satellites orbiting Earth. Three days after this announcement went worldwide, Okina and his secretary Kurachi believe that GHQ is now being controlled by the secret organization named Da'ath, whose former goal was to get Shu's Void Genome, but is now trying to capture Inori. When the Anti-Bodies locate Shu and Inori, Okina and the Kuhouin Group ambush the Anti-Bodies. When Arisa is attacked by Okina, who is disappointed in her for dishonoring their family name, she shoots him down in self-defense. Inori is slowly losing herself to Mana, who is trying to take over her body and mockingly calls Inori a monster, but Inori pushes this aside. Inori comforts a depressed Shu that he should stop blaming himself as she will always be there for him no matter what. In order to protect him from the Anti-Bodies, Inori plans to be a distraction for him against Gai. However, when Shu objects to this, she knocks him out and kisses him goodbye. She faces off Arisa's Endlave battalion while admitting that she is a monster, but she views herself as unique since Shu loves her for who she is. Despite destroying the Endlaves, Inori is captured by Gai. Shu wakes up learning of Inori's capture and is in resolve to save her.

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