Haruka opens a safe guarding the third and final Void Genome, but Keido, who is revealed to be her older brother, stops her and shoots her after confessing that he was the one who killed Kurosu. Although she manages to escape with the Void regardless, an arrest warrant is issued on her, and Segai offers to lead the search for her. Meanwhile, Arisa is approached by Shu who convinces her to help him rescue Inori, as she wants to learn more about Gai's true intentions. Haruka heads to the Kuhouin estate for shelter and chances upon Kurachi, who takes her to see Oogumo at Funeral Parlor Headquarters, since the Kuhouin estate is unsafe to hide now that Okina has died. However, Segai tracks Haruka down and raids the place, forcing Oogumo to stay behind to ensure his companions escape at the cost of his life. Reunited with Ayase and Tsugumi at another Funeral Parlor hideout, Argo informs them about Oogumo's death. Meanwhile, Shibungi is brought before Gai and expresses anger towards the ruthless individual he has become. As Haruka explains to Ayase that the Void Genome might reject one's body if injected, Segai attacks their hideout. Shu finds out his friends are in danger and leaves Arisa to help them. Ayase convinces Haruka to inject the Void Genome into her, but Segai prevents that from happening. Both Segai and Ayase fight for the vial until it rolls over to Shu. Haruka urges him not to use the vial, but he thanks her for her concern and injects the Void Genome into his body. Shu reveals his own Void, a crystallized arm that replaces his lost one and has the power to gather the strengths and weaknesses of other people's Voids. By using the power of his friends' Voids, Shu defeats Segai's Endlaves and kills Segai himself. However, everyone finds out that Shu not only absorbed Souta's Void, but also his viral infection as well.

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