As it is realized the 256 Leukocyte satellites was a bluff, Shu promises his friends and allies that they will stop Gai and rescue Inori. Ayase allows Shu to help her into her new Endlave Steiner. Gai uses the Voids of Arisa, Kenji and Yu to decimate some of the United Nations fleet. Thanks to Tsugumi's void, Shu and Funeral Parlor manage to sneak inside and hack into the base system, allowing the United Nation fleet the chance to counterattack. As Tsugumi part ways with Shu and the others, Gai prepares to get rid of Inori's memories before Mana can take over her body. Gai questions Inori why she loves Shu, to which she responds that Shu showed her the value of life, both its pain and beauty. As crystals take over her body, Inori sings a song only audible to Shu, who leads Funeral Parlor to the center of GHQ Headquarters. Shu is separated from his allies and is confronted by Yu, while Funeral Parlor faces against Endlave led by Daryl, who now operates the new model Endlave Gespenst. Yu, revealing that he is actually an embodiment of the will of Da'ath, is impressed on how far Shu has done and offers him to become Mana's mate, but Shu refuses. Yu uses the Voids of his followers to attack Shu, lamenting on how Shu squandered his chance to restart the human race all because of Inori, described as a "doll". However, Shu tells Yu that Inori is a human being, who was always there when he was down, vowing to rescue her. Defeated, Yu allows Shu to meet Inori before disappearing. Shu confronts Gai, who reveals Inori has finally transformed into Mana.

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