Mana, now completely resurrected, greets Shu, but he shuns her after she speaks ill of Inori, much to her anger. Gai draws out Mana's Void to fight Shu while she triggers the Fourth Apocalypse, spreading the Apocalypse Virus throughout the entire world. Haruka confronts Keido, who commits suicide by injecting the virus into himself while admitting defeat. Meanwhile, Funeral Parlor continue their fight with the group of Endlaves led by Daryl, who believes he changed because of them and wants to go back to his old self. Tsugumi finds that her attempts to hack the based system are being repelled by another hacker as skilled as her, in which Shibungi figures out that Kenji is responsible for this. Shibungi tracks down where Kenji is located and kills him, allowing Tsugumi to operate freely and help Ayase defeat Daryl. Just when Shu is about to be killed by Gai, Shu sees a flower within the crystallization while hearing Inori's voice. He pulls out Inori's Void within the flower with his last strength, using it to defeat Gai with a finishing blow. Before dying, Gai reveals that his actions were needed, so that Mana can start the Fourth Apocalypse so she would finally be able to rest, otherwise she would always be resurrected by Da'ath. Shu recovers the Void Genome that Gai stole from him, using its power to stop the Fourth Apocalypse from happening. Shu uses his Void to draw in all of his friends' Voids to cure them of the virus, slowly being consumed by the virus, but Inori sacrifices herself to save Shu's life. Ayase, Tsugumi, Argo, Shibungi, Arisa, Daryl, Haruka and Kurachi manage to escape GHQ Headquarters before it collapses. Some years later, Tokyo is finally rebuilt and Shu, now visually impaired with a mechanical prosthetic right arm, celebrates Hare's birthday with Ayase, Tsugumi, Yahiro, Souta and Kanon. Shu later sits on a bench beside a lake to hear one of Inori's songs while reminiscing about his days with her.

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