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Prayer:Convergence is the twenty-second and the last episode of the Guilty Crown anime. It first aired on March 22, 2012


As Mana awakes, a stream of pink energy starts to spread at Earth, Mana greets Gai and runs up to Shu as if she is still normal. She gloats that she has taken Inori's body for herself and called her a fake and a monster, and that they can be together this time. Shu became angry with this and throws her off himself, saying Inori was human, and Mana is the monster. She attempted to kill him for his second rejection, only to be stopped by Gai, who states he will kill Shu. Gai draws Mana's void which is the same as Inori's (this might be because she is using Inori's body). While Mana starts the Fourth Apocalypse.

Shu uses Yahiro's void to defend, but as time progress, Shu is overpowered by Gai. While Shu asked why his objectives have changed from Roppongi, Gai states Shu can never understand. As he was chosen as Adam but refused to do so. Gai also states the fourth Apocalpse will turn humans into crystals, but they will remain conscious. As Shu is weakened, he notices the flower that Inori's tears made, and Inori's soul still existed in it. That allowed Shu to use his void to extract Inori's void, and lets Inori's soul to disrupt Mana. Shu using Inori's void was able to equal and then overpower Gai, killing him.

After killing Gai, Shu then somewhat began to hallucinate and he started to see visions of places from his past with Gai introducing him to the place. Gai then explained that the real purpose of Daath is the evolution of mankind through disposing their bodies and remaining in crystal form while communicating with the use of their Voids. Gai then takes Shu in the same church where Mana asked Gai to prove himself.

This time, Gai embraces Mana with blood flowing from them and both of them crystallizing. Before they completely crystallize, Gai tells Shu to save Inori. Back to reality, Shu sees Inori blindly walking towards him and almost crystallized. Shu embraces Inori and started to cry while activating his Void (combined with Gai as Gai died and so his void also binded with Shu), Shu's void starts to absorb all the Voids and the Apocalypse Virus (essentially removing all the voids in the process) which resulted to the breakdown of the GHQ Headquarters and other Void-powered devices losing power.

Shu then begins to crystallize with Inori and started hallucinating about the first time she took Inori's Void but this time he accepted the 'Guilty Crown' (a form of Cat's Cradle), as Inori started to fade away, Shu tries to reach for her but she suddenly disappeared and in reality, she crystallized completely and breaks down. Shu then starts to cry as he failed to save Inori before he also crystallized. The Fourth Apocalypse was prevented and all lifeforms are decrystallized and returns back to normal. A few years later, all is back to normal in Japan and a video of Inori singing Departures is seen playing at an LCD panel of a building.

Inside the building, a comemoration is going to take place between Ayase, Yahiro (who now has a job), Souta, Tsugumi (who is going to take a teacher's licensure exam), Kanon, and Shu. Shu is the last one to arrive at the dining place, having survived his crystallization by unknown proccess. Shu is then seen walking with a cane stick as a result of his blindness (as he absorbed Inori when she was blind) and with his right hand replaced by a prosthetic one. Shu then says he's glad to celebrate with everyone again as they started the celebration. Shu is then last seen at a bench facing the sea, as Shu sits and gets an earpiece, he then started to hallucinate about Inori in his arms (the song that the earpiece might be playing is Departures).

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