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Title ギルティクラウン ロストクリスマス
Rating 15 yrs & Above
Genre ADV
Release 26 July 2012
Platform PC (Internet connection required)
Game Official Website link


Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas is a game that was released from the new series Guilty Crown on 26th July 2012 for the PC. It is based around the time of the "Lost Christmas" incident and was sold for 5040 yen for normal Edition. The Limited Edition with CG, Accessories and Manga was sold for 7140 yen.


The visual novel is set in Japan, 10 years before the start of the main storyline and will explain what happened during the events of the 'Lost Christmas' incident. The main character, codenamed Scrooge, has been the subject of many experiments over the years along with many others. Carol, the main female character, was also a test subject who is relevent to the story as well. Scrooge came into contact with her while on the run and the two escaped together. Soon after they meet a girl called Present, who's fate is somehow intertwined with Scrooge and Carol's.

Main Characters

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler details follow.


The protagonist of Guilty Crown: Lost Christmas, he was a subject of Da'ath's (a secret society united for the purpose of promoting human evolution) human experiments until he escaped from its facility with Carol. His right arm has a functionally defective form of 'King's Power'. Unlike Shu, the protagonist of the Guilty Crown anime, he is unable to pull out voids from anyone but Carol because as soon as his hand touches others' body, they would start to undergo crystallization due to invasion by apocalypse virus. He suffers from amnesia as a result of Da'ath's experiments, and throughout the story he seeks information about Daath all the while making his escape, in order to rediscover his identity. He has a cool, cruel personality that licenses him to kill, and is vengeful against Da'ath.

Chara scrooge


Scrooge's main partner who accompanies him in his escape. She is also an experimental subject of Da'ath, but it is unclear what kind of experiments she was subjected to. Despite Scrooge's crystallizing power, she is somehow able to accept his right hand, and thus from her Scrooge can pull out voids which could be used as weapons. However, much unlike the characters from the anime Guilty Crown, her voids seem to take various forms and are much more fragile, and their damage doesn't lead to her death. She has a spontaneous personality, yet she is sharp and seems to carry ulterior motives behind her escape.

Chara carol


One of the members of the Christmas ghosts, a trio of assassins sent after Scrooge and Carol. He/she talks using the masculine pronoun "boku" but his/her gender is unknown. Also an experiment subject of Da'ath, he/she holds a mysterious ability to physically control the movement of the apocalypse crystal, a strong power he/she relies on to combat against Scrooge and Carol.

Chara present


One of the members of Christmas ghosts. Her voice is reminiscent of a small girl, but her true identity is unknown. She controls various kinds of Endlaves from a remote cockpit, and her powers are astronomically stronger than a typical Endlave user. Though the Endlaves that she controls are none but primitive in design, their abilities far surpass those of later models.

Spoilers follow:

Her true identity was revealed to be the vegetative-state Saeko Shijou, the presumed-dead ex-wife of Kurosu and the true mother of Shu and Mana. Upon Mana's frenzy during Lost Christmas, she was seen to be protecting Shu and Gai over the collapsing church, explaining their survival of Lost Christmas. The reason why she joined Da'ath is unclear, but it is thought that it is for the sake of protecting her daughter Mana.

Chara past

Yet to come

One of the members of Christmas ghosts. His/her identity is unknown.

Spoilers follow:

His/her identity was revealed to be the unborn baby between Scrooge and Carol. It is hinted that Scrooge and Carol were lovers while his memories were still intact, and that Scrooge had betrayed Carol by having sexual intercourse with her despite being a carrier of the crystallizing King's Power. As a result of this, Carol's womb underwent apocalypse crystallization and the baby was neither able to be born or to die, surviving in the form of a 'Void'. Her partnership with Scrooge was merely a way for her to exact revenge, because by becoming his 'weapon', he would destroy over and over again Yet To Come, killing the child many times over, thus overwhelming Scrooge with strong sense of guilt.

Chara yet to come

Segai Waltz Makoto

Spoilers follow: A young general of "GHQ", he haphazardly encounters Scrooge and Carol during their escape and infiltration to headquarters of "GHQ". He is inspired by Scrooge's "The Power of Kings", an influence that costs him his left eye and, eventually, his own life 10 years later.

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