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{{Template:Infobox character
{{Template:Infobox character
|image = File:MajorGuin.jpg
|image = [[File:MajorGuin.jpg|280px]]
|name = Guin
|name = Guin
|age = n/a (deceased)
|age = n/a (deceased)

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Major Guin was the Commander of GHQ's Anti Bodies Third Squadron.


He first appears in episode 1 capturing Inori and telling Shu that she is a terrorist. In episode 2, Daryl visits him and offends him, after this he looses his temper and tells his subordinates to interrogate everyone that they captured in the fort. He then gives the order to kill people that he believes has the Apocalypse Virus. Gai launches his operation and Guin threatens to set off gas underground. Gai reveals himself and Guin asks to return the Void Genome that he stole. Gai refuses and he threatens to kill him using lasers. Shu gets into action and uses Daryl's void to reflect the laser back at Major Guin and his team and he gets killed.

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