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[[Category:Female character]]
[[Category:Female character]]
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[[Category:High School Students]]

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Hare Menjou is a 16 years old girl who is a motion picture research club member and is Shu's classmate. She lives at the same apartment block as Shu and has been to the same school as him since Junior High.


She has a very kind and carefree personality. She worries about Shu's social status and tells him that he's too dense. Hare also seems to have feelings for Shu.


She usually wears her school uniform. She has brown hair that is kept in two red bows with brown eyes.


Shu and Hare talk on their way to school

She is seen traveling to school with Shu, asking him why he looked so tired. She became upset when Shu just shock it off and Hare informs him that the terrorist attack in Ward 24 caused the GHQ to step up their security. At school she complains saying Shu wasn't succeeding because he was too dense. While walking down the hallway with Kanon, Shu gropes Kanon and Hare seems disappointed and says

Hare cries over Shu's arrest

that Shu should've just asked her. She is seen amazed with everyone else that Inori is their new classmate and they leave her alone when Yahiro tells them to. Hare is shocked in a train some days after that Shu was just arrested by the GHQ and is seen breaking down into tears because of it.

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