Haruka Ouma is Shu's sister. She is the Senior Researcher of Sephirah Genomics, (which is apparently within the "GHQ") which was in charge of creating a cure for the Virus.


Haruka is a young beautiful woman with blue eyes and long straight black hair lengthing up to her back. She usually wore a magenta top and blue jeans with lab coat, but her attire varied.

She is usually wearing a pair of red earrings along. At home, her attire consists of lavender coloured bra and panties. In an official party, she wore a wine red-violet coloured gown with matching earrings.


She seems to have two sides of her personality, a serious side and a playful side. At work she is very professional, and usually stays at work for most of the week. At home she only wears her sleepwear, which includes her bra, her panties and a nightgown, even around company. She is willing to answer the door in her sleepwear, and is very playful with Shu. But she is very protective of Shu saying she must protect his future, even willing to have her arm get cut off in order to save him from the king's power. Despite pretty much abandoning Shu, she does love him dearly, and started crying when he regained his powers.


She is seen watching the bright light that shot up through the sky, which was a result of Shu's newly awakened power. However, it is not shown that she knew it was her who caused that light. She is seen again in a meeting with some of the GHQ members as they talk about defective drug that was developed accidentally during the creation of the Apocalypse Virus vaccine.

She helps Shuichiro's plot to remove Shu's Power of Kings in order to make free him from the "fate of the king". She spoke to Segai Waltz about herself, describing to him that her love was a harsh sort.


  • Tsugumi does not refer to Haruka as 'Mama Haruka' in the English dub.


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