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Hirohide Nanba is a student first appeared after the Lockdown and later becomes a member of Shu's Secret Service.


He is a bully that likes to be an instigator of violence.


He wears a Tennouzu high school uniform, dark brown hair, and glasses.


Nanba first appeared with Sudou in an attempt to harass Ayase, but is stopped by Tsugumi. Later when they know the news that there are Funeral Parlor members in the school, Nanba and his gang captured Ayase and Tsugumi, in which in front of the auditorium, attempt to sexually harrase Ayase by finding the tattoo under her shirt, but he stopped by Shu Ouma. After Shu becomes class president and then implements the Void Ranking System, Nanba becomes a member of Shu's Secret Service as a bodyguard. While holding Arisa Kuhouin hostage on guard, the former class president makes a deal by having sex with him about Shu's secret that a person can die if their voids are destroyed. This cause Nanba and the rest of the student body to turn on Shu after they successfully escape the school. However, when Gai is revived, he kills Nanba and his gang by combining their voids into a missile that destroys a aircraft. 


Nanba's void is a glove that stops firearms. It can be presumed that his void had a fairly high ranking, as he was a member of Shu's secret service.

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