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Kanon Kusama is a 17 year old girl and chairman of class 2-A.


She has a very serious and mature personality. She was a childhood friend of Yahiro's, and has shown to have feelings for him.


She, along with her fellow students, are seen to be very excited for Inori's arrival into their class. In episode 3, when Hare and Kanon are walking down the hall and Shu gropes her after failing to pull out her Void she is overcome with anger for the whole day, chasing after Shu throughout the episode.

However in the  ending credits of Departures, after Shu bowing down many times and apologizing, she forgives him. She is seen on the same train that Shu was pushed off from and got arrested. At school, Kanon tells Souta that she asked the teacher but they don't know why Shu was arrested. She is seen video taping the arrival of the Leukocyte to Earth, not knowing that it was a danger to her life.

After the second coming of Lost Christmas, Kanon is one of the many Tennoz High student refugees trapped within a section of the city confined on Shuichrio Keido's orders, during which Shu leadership over the student body. Later on, Hare is killed during a GHQ assault by Endlaves, an event which devastates Kanon and causes Shu to become ruthless and tyrannical. As Shu's reign now causes extreme measures being


carried out on the students, Kanon is left frightened and confused as to how everything's taking a turn for the worse before grieving for Hare.

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