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[[Category:Female character]]
[[Category:Female character]]
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[[Category:Secondary Characters]]

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Kanon Kusama is a 17 years old girl and she is the chairman of class 2-A.


She has a very serious and mature personality.


She, along with her fellow students, are seen to be very excited about the arrival of Inori to their class. After, when Hare and Kanon are walking down the hall when Shu gropes her (after failing to pull out her Void) and she gets pissed at him for the whole day. However in the credits of Departures, after Shu bowing down so many times apologizing, she forgives him. She is seen on the same train that Shu was pushed off from and got arrested. At school, Kanon tells Souta that she asked the teacher but they don't know why Shu was arrested. She is seen video taping the arrival of the Leukocyte to earth, not knowing that it was a danger to her life.
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