Kenji Kido is a mass murderer and infamous terrorist responsible for the "Sky Tree Bombing". He was previously held at the GHQ Isolation Facility Four before being rescued by Shu and the Funeral Parlor.


Kido is very mischievous and has no qualms about killing people, as seen in episode 6.


He has the appearance of a child with green hair and amber eyes.


He is first seen in the Isolation Facility as one of the most dangerous and most guarded prisoners. After being rescued by Shu in episode 4, he joins the Undertakers in different missions. Such as the one the destroy the Leukocyte, in which he explains it's mechanisims and the plan to get rid of it. He goes on the mission because his Void was necassery in the plan. He is also seen witnessing Shu take out Souta's Void, teasing him along with the rest of the group, who heard him say, "Inori is my..."
Kido before killed

Kido before being killed.

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