Kurosu Ouma was the father of the main protagonist, Shu Ouma and his older sister Mana Ouma, as well as the scientist who discovered Void Genome to be an inhibitor of Apocalypse Virus. He somewhat holds connection with Scrooge and Carol.


He has brown eyes and hair. Shu's hair and it's color greatly resembles that of Kurosu, as they are biologically a family. His beard is often left unshaved and messy due to his lack of concern to himself because most of times he's busy researching. He is quite tall and mostly seen with white-laboratorium jacket and glasses.


He was smart, clever, goofy, and a hard-worker proven by him spending most of his time in his research. Because he always believed himself to be self-sufficient, he was not good at interacting with others. Thus, he named his son Shu (which means "group" according to him), perhaps in hopes that Shu would grow up to be different.

Even though he is plotted to be very clueless and blunt, his second wife, Haruka, describes him as "an interesting man".


He used to be a teacher at Tennozu First High School, where his son was currently studying. He was an expert on the Apocalypse Virus and led its research with Shuichiro Keido who was his friend and fellow scientist.

After the death of his wife Saeko Shijou during Shu's birth, he married Haruka. Kurosu died during Lost Christmas. It was later revealed that Shuuichiro killed him out of hatred.


  • He was caught by Shuichiro Keido when he was once making love with Saeko Shijou before their marriage.
  • Kurosu had solved the genomic viral theory by himself without anyone's knowledge.
  • Shuichiro had broken ties with Kurosu after Haruka revealed that Kurosu was the one she wanted to marry.
  • Haruka used to cook food for him everyday ever since they met before their marriage.


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