Okina Kuhouin is Arisa's grandfather and head of the Kuhouin Group, the richest and most powerful conglomerate in Japan.


Okina despises the GHQ for not only taking away Japan's independence but also their restrictive policies affecting his various businesses. Sharing a common enemy, Okina agrees to supply Gai and Funeral Parlor with funds and weapons. Following the 2nd Apocalypse outbreak, he rescues Argo and Ogumo and tasks them to rescue his granddaughter after Loop 7 is quarantined by the GHQ. However, the mission fails and much to his dismay, Arisa joins the GHQ Anti Bodies due to her unrequited love for Gai. For dishonoring their family name, he and his men ambushed her convoy where he plans to kill her himself. However, he is hesitant to kill her, and Arisa kills her grandfather in self-defense.

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