Overdose is the main character of Guilty Crown: Princess of Deadpool. She is a Power of the Kings user and the first female known to possess that power, she is also the first female "King" known. She appears in 2039, the same time as another "King", known as Shu Ouma.


Not much known about her personality, but Overdose seems confident when she fought the military. She was so sure and not fearful when she talked to the Colonel of the military about how she Power of the Kings can't be used on her, then she revealed and used her Power of the Kings to extract her own Void.


Overdose appears to have long white/blonde hair. She wears a scarf, a blue shirt with a orange jacket, black short pants, and a pair of black boots. She has a scar on her face on the left side of her cheeks, with white hair, and heterochromatic eyes of silver-like and red colors. She has a dotted-mole around her scar. Her clothing resembles one of Shu Ouma's clothing he wore when he was tyrant.


GCPOD 50120

Shu extracting Overdose's Void.

Overdose fights her enemy, who are confused after look of Power of the Kings in action. She brought a Void through her powers. A military man said that Overdose is now captured and told her that the powers his use has its own limitation, like its users cannot use the power on themselves. Although she heard what that man said, she said he can look for himself, simply stating that she can do. She reaches her chest and extracts out her own Void, which was a violin. She uses her Void's power of sound to counterattack the enemies. Shu Ouma was shown to extract her Void. This happened when Shu was still with the Funeral Parlor.


Overdose seem to have running speed as she was being chased down by the military. She doesn't fear her enemies. She doesn't hesitates and uses her Power of the Kings when she needs to.

Void Genome


A creepy Overdose extracting her own Void.

Overdose has the Power of the Kings. She can extract out Voids just like any user of the power, but she can also extract her own Void, like Shu Ouma. Her Void is a violin. Its can create sound to counterattack on her enemies. The shape or appearance of it is unknown as it's was mentioned/appeared in a novel. 


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