Shibungi is one of the supporting characters of Guilty Crown. He is the staff officer and chief adviser of the "Funeral Parlor


He has a very calm and mature personality and seems to enjoy teasing Gai. Saying "As expected of Gai", his favorite phrase, which is usually used as sarcasm. He also seems to speak in Chess terms as when he located Kenji and before killing him announces "Checkmate".


Not much is known about his early life other than he knew Gai sometime in Africa years ago before the anime starts.


He is silently seen behind Tsugumi as she locates the enemies that were around the area. Shibungi is then totally amazed at the Power of Kings that Shu awakened before Gai orders Shu to meet him in fifteen seconds.
He is later seen telling Gai that the risk was too high and they shouldn't bother to rescue the hostages. However, Gai goes along with his plan to rescue them. He is seen again telling Gai he was sending Ayase to save him after they went to save Kido. Shibungi appears with Gai when Shu joins the Undertaker and congratulates him with everyone else when he becomes an official member. When Gai regroups with the team after a failed attempt at stealing the Leukocyte, Gai gets Shu upset, causing him to run outside. Shibungi asks Gai what they were supposed to do, but Gai says he'll carry on with the plan, which succeeds. Later he is seen being held captive and playing chess. After Segai loses on purpose, Shibungi gets an audience with Gai. After having Gai answers his questions, he thanks Gai for giving him a new dream. Shibungi vows to kill Gai. In the final episode when Tsugumi finds that her attempts to hack the GHQ system are being repelled by another hacker as skilled as her. Shibungi figures that the hacker is actually Kenji and after tracking his location, kills him, allowing Tsugumi to operate freely and help Ayase defeat Daryl.



He is skilled with firearms as he was once soldier during his time in Africa. He has also shown great aptitude for strategy as proven by his position at the GHQ and his fondness for Chess.

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