Souta Tamadate

Souta Tamadate

Souta Tamadate is a character from the anime Guilty Crown and is 17 years old. A motion picture research club member and is Shu's classmate.


He is often told that he can't "read the mood". He is a big fan of Inori and his Void is a large camera.



Guilty Crown - 03 - Large 03
He is seen with Yahiro asking Shu about the project that was for their club. Shu tells them he'll finish it by the deadline and they left him to do so. Souta is seen again when Inori is shown as their new classmate and tries to talk to her. However, he is stopped by Yahiro who tells him that he shouldn't be that way since she'll be with them for the
Guilty Crown - 03 - Large 25

Souta gets his Void pulled out by Shu

rest of the year. At P.E, when Shu agreed with another classmate that Inori looked like a doll in real life, Souta calls him a moron and warns Shu not to say that to Inori's face. Later, he is seen listening to music in his headphones until Shu runs up to him and pulls out his Void, leaving him unconcious. He is seen the next day discussing with his classmates about Shu's capture by the GHQ.
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