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  • I live in Portugal
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User: NexusShiker

My Picture
Username NexusShiker
AKA Hugh
Age 17
Occupation Editing/School
Hometown Portugal... Someplace
Date of Birth July, 1996
Ways to contact me [1], [2] or [3] or[4] or[5]
Other info
Goal My goal is helping the wikia. I see there are some names to be quoted, linked, changed. And there are some pages that need to be updated.
Favorite Character(s) Definitive Shu and Inori. No questions ask. They were the keys for this wonderful series.
Void Hmm... I ask that question to my self every day. My void would probably be a magician staff or a twin sword.
I am just a Loser with a Winner's Heart
I’m simply just amazed to the bullies and the haters know that this is what you made
The right to use my friend as a weapon. That is the sinful crown I shall adorn. I accept this ‘guilt.’
Yu-Gi-Oh!/Final Fantasy/Guilty Crown editor
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