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Allo FishTank

Hey FishTank! I know that in the past, I was not quite as nice about the portable infoboxes, (especially given what was already there to work with on the Pokémon wiki), but because this wiki is much smaller, I am looking at making certain templates, into portable infoboxes.

I skipped going to Vanguard because I figured I'd get a much better answer from you or Czech. :)

Right now I have the following templates:

I'm having issues with making the portable templates, look like the WikiMarkUp Templates. :/

Too add to the above, I have, a proposition of sorts. There are other templates on this wiki (that I'm still really working on building so that they look awesome :) ) that are full page templates. Here they are:

  • Character Infobox (I have yet to attempt to move it to PI)
    • This template features a section for each portion of the ==headings== on character pages, complete with {{#if: {{{parameter|}}} | {{{parameter}}} }}'s to make sure that if a character doesn't anything for that section, it doesn't show up. :) At the bottom of the template, there is a character listing, that opens when you use the script from here (a pastebin link), to make the information on it appear.
      • This template can be seen here Inori
  • Episode (I have yet to attempt to move this template to PI either)
    • This template is on every episode page, Episode 21, Episode 02, Episode 01, are all examples of the template on episode pages. :) The bottom which tells what Episode is next, uses some special {{#IFEQ:}} templates, that I enlisted help from DinoGuy1000 to set it up.

So the proposition for the two above templates, is that, if, you and I, or a PI engineer and I can work together to figure out a palatable solution, that looks good on desktop, and is portable too, then I would be super happy to make all of the templates on this wiki portable/PI's.

That being said, I would still love help with the opening and ending templates, even if the character and episode templates are not going to work out. :)

Ελισάβετ(talk)(εποχή) 02:23, September 4, 2016 (UTC)

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