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The Void Ranking System, is a system to rank a person based on his/her Genomic Resonance Value (determined by Genomic Resonance Gauge). Firstly suggested by Yahiro in order to form an army of Void-bearers. It ranked the students of Tennoz High School on a scale of A to F and place them under sovereign of Shu Ouma as their leader. Even though this system is made to maintain order within the blockade, it is possibly flawed because of the insinuation that the lower ranks have lower rights to live.

Genomic Ranking Scale

By using the Genomic Resonance Guage Yahiro is able to accurately guage a person's Void and give them a rank based on the total number.

Rank S+ Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C Rank D Rank E Rank F Rank
Numerical 2000+ 1500 1250 1000 500 250 100 <50

Genomic Resonance Gauge

The origin of this tool is still unknown. Found by Tsugumi on the ground near the truck of the attacker in Episode 13, it is able to measure the strength of Voids, by the scale of 0 to 2000. However, this tool is unable to scan Shu's Void's strength since he is a Void Extractor, but it is still unknown if it will work on him even after he materialized his own Void, the King's Heart.

List of Characters' Void Strength:

Character Rank Numerical
Shu xxxx (the tool seems unable to read his void strength)
Inori S+ 2000>
Arisa S ?
Hare S 1832
Ayase S 1752
Tsugumi A 1488
Souta F 46

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